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Nearshoring stands for...

the relocation of operational activities to nearby countries.

This allows you to supplement your team with external colleagues whose working hours and working methods are similar to those in Germany. Your staff is relieved of the operational burden while we ensure success
in all phases of the project:

We enable IT organizations to source and work internationally. From the question of how nearshoring can specifically impact strategy, to the operational management of distributed teams and organizations.

Nearshoring strategies


Integration into your IT strategy

We help you to embed the different possibilities and variants of nearshoring into your IT strategy so that it can optimally contribute to your existing and future goals.


Identification of potentials

We identify possible approaches and potential in your organization for working with nearshore partners and resources. Where can it ideally complement you and where not?

Benjamin Doerich
Sales Director - SevenOne Media GmbH

We were happy to have a neutral and experienced person who supported us from product strategy to selecting the best partner to operational management of implementation. Alexander drove the project forward very pragmatically, so that we were able to successfully take the platform live at the end of April.

We use Portuguese potential

There is text here that describes the video. Quite exciting and also so that you realize why it is very important to actually watch the video. Make it pop!

Our experts in X countries

We have a large number of partners and contacts in different countries who offer IT specialists and solutions to flexibly support your development. 

Managed Nearshore

The challenge within the ProSiebenSat.1 Group was to completely realign the existing digital platform and take it to the next level. One of our partners, Alexander Wittkow, initially supported the strategy and the target image and, together with the customer, the “Managed Nearshore” model was chosen as the solution for implementation.

These companies already benefit from our know-how

No matter whether it's a cold start with a new project or fine-tuning your collaboration with external partners: let's talk about how we can support you!


Sourcing support

We create a pre-selection of possible service providers in different countries based on your strategic goals and priorities and support you in selecting the right partner and setup.


Establish nearshore readiness

Working with internationally distributed teams and responsibilities means change. We help take people with us on this journey and ensure that employees and processes are optimally prepared for nearshoring.


Onboarding support

As soon as the partner has been found and the formalities have been clarified, it is a matter of quickly getting “horsepower on the road”. We ensure that everything goes smoothly during onboarding and that the teams can work as quickly and happily as possible.


Support with contracting

We advise and support your colleagues from purchasing and legal when drawing up contracts. We make sure that the right framework conditions are set there to ensure operational success.


Handover into operation

The project is completed, the product finally goes live - now what? Right from the start, we ensure that no dependencies arise and that your company remains efficient and flexible in its collaboration.


Controlling the partner

Managing external development partners and teams needs to be learned. If necessary, we provide experienced interim managers who coordinate the requirements with your departments and introduce them to the new partner in a structured manner.

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