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Customer service is more...

than just processing inquiries and complaints.
Only when all the areas involved work together in a well-coordinated manner can a company offer excellent service.


Our goal is to satisfy customers and employees.

We enable companies to focus on customer service and not dwell on IT, process or operational problems.

From training and coaching to knowledge management and processes to the operational management of internal teams and external service providers.

Customer Service


Service delivery and operations

We identify potential and derive the appropriate optimizations. In addition to internal and external processes, this also includes quality management, personnel deployment planning, KPI and performance management.


Development of a service strategy

We help you create tailored customer service strategies that make it possible to improve the customer service experience while driving growth.

Benjamin Doerich
Sales Director - SevenOne Media GmbH

We were happy to have a neutral and experienced person who supported us from product strategy to selecting the best partner to operational management of implementation. Alexander drove the project forward very pragmatically, so that we were able to successfully take the platform live at the end of April.

We use Portuguese potential

There is text here that describes the video. Quite exciting and also so that you realize why it is very important to actually watch the video. Make it pop!

Our experts in all
required roles

We have a large number of partners and contacts in various areas who offer solutions and systems to strengthen individual needs in service provision in a targeted and flexible manner. 

Managed Nearshore

The challenge within the ProSiebenSat.1 Group was to completely realign the existing digital platform and take it to the next level. One of our partners, Alexander Wittkow, initially supported the strategy and the target image and, together with the customer, the “Managed Nearshore” model was chosen as the solution for implementation.

These companies already benefit from our know-how

Whether it's setting up new units or fine-tuning existing customer services: Let us talk about how we can support you!


Digitization of
Customer service processes

We support the digitalization of customer service processes and the implementation of solutions for seamless and consistent communication across all channels.


Professionalize knowledge management

We improve your competence by building structured and context-rich data that can be accessed quickly and easily, thus relieving the workload of your service employees and at the same time keeping your customers satisfied with targeted information.


Develop qualification and coaching concepts

We work with you to design the appropriate formats and learning processes and evaluate the right tools and methods so that sustainable knowledge development and an employee-oriented learning culture are established.


Enable value creation with on-/near-/offshoring

We help with the integration, optimization or change of external support - from the selection process to contractual design and onboarding to the design of transition processes.


Take over interim management hands-on

We take responsibility and accompany you in transitional management positions, search, evaluate and fill the necessary functions or support you with leading roles in projects.


Implementation of systems

We support the selection, procurement and implementation of IT systems in order to improve operational processes and increase customer satisfaction with higher service levels.

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