Scrum Master

Our Scrum Masters are responsible for ensuring that Scrum works in your environment.


As a coach, you are responsible for the process and for removing obstacles. Because different teams and situations require situational leadership from the Scrum Master , for which many years of experience are absolutely necessary.


Our Scrum Masters have mastered all the necessary techniques to actively support the development team in communication and cooperation or in personal conflicts.


The Scrum Masters work very closely with the respective development team, introduce the Scrum rules, check compliance with them and take care of eliminating disruptions and obstacles.


The agile processes, the growing together of the team and the learning of roles is usually quite time-consuming in the beginning. However, once Scrum is established, the Scrum Masters can also take on a role as change managers.

In a personal meeting, we will clarify the ideal skill profile with you, define the tasks and introduce you to possible temporary colleagues.


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