Projekt Manager

Our project managers lead your project and control it according to your defined goals. We follow the prince2 or prince2 agile methods and their basic principles:


  • Ongoing business justification - this is how we continuously ensure that your goals and expectations are also met

  • Learning from experience - we draw on the experience of your company as well as the experience of our experts

  • Defined roles and responsibilities - these create clarity and enable efficient work

  • Control through management phases - this creates the necessary transparency to make adjustments to the project if necessary

  • Control according to the exception principle - an agreed framework enables the project manager to make decisions quickly and independently. If this is not sufficient, the necessary coordination will be carried out

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the

right experts for your project, from principal to "guided *"

junior project managers.


In a personal meeting, we will clarify the ideal skill profile with you, define the tasks and introduce you to possible temporary colleagues.


* With our guided interim management concepts, we provide you with "cheaper" junior consultants who are supported in the background with advice and action by experienced consultants. This ensures optimal results in a price-conscious manner.


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