Managed Nearshoring

Nearshore partners offer clear advantages: A dedicated team can be quickly put together that can also take on complex development tasks at comparatively low costs .


However, managing a partner with different cultural framework conditions and changing working methods is not a task that can be done on the side. Someone has to structure , coordinate and "translate" the requirements for development. The focus must not get out of sight. The cost advantage must also be maintained through clear control.


We provide you with a "Proxy PO" who has a lot of experience in managing external partners .
He accompanies you in all phases of your project:
From the search for potential partners through the selection process to contracting . He then personally takes on the role of project / product manager . From the requirements management to the operational control of the nearshort team, he takes responsibility and keeps your back free.


In a personal meeting, we will clarify with you which model suits your project. We then provide you with a proxy PO, who accompanies you from the start if necessary and works responsibly in the team.

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