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I have worked with Georg in the context of a company transformation and am very grateful for this encounter. I got to know him as very open, inspiring and visionary. I was particularly struck by the way he knows how to inspire people, get into real contact with them and involve them in changes. Through this integrating, very human and joyful way, he offers leadership for people and product.
Julia Hinkel
Founder I Agile Organizational Development

Georg is a passionate leader with a very solid background in product management and technology. He provides his teams with a clear vision and purpose that enables them to achieve exceptional results on a daily basis. In addition, he is an experienced coach who provides strategies, methods and expertise in the areas of product, agility and leadership. Especially in the area of KPIs, Data-Driven-Decisions Georg can bring a lot of expertise.

Product strategies
Product Ownership
Management of x-functional teams
Project management

Georg Weidner

Georg Weidner
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