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"Frank has a wealth of experience and is flexible in his thinking. He has been able to consult and lead many different projects that have helped make our company better.

From our first meeting, it was clear that he is very open and people oriented, yet has a structured way of thinking. As a result, he is able to grasp the big picture and provide solutions and suggestions that are not just theoretical, but are practical improvements to business processes."
Andrew Niven
Director Operations Management - IDnow

Frank is a Customer Experience and CRM expert with a long track record in strategy and operations. With a great passion for customer satisfaction and digitization of customer interactions, he is the ambitious and dedicated advocate of the customer.

Before joining LUPUS & COMPANY as a freelance consultant, he managed various responsibilities in CRM & Customer Care, Internet platform development and interactive TV in international corporations. His focus was on leading large projects and building teams of experts for the digitalization of customer service.

Service Management
Customer Experience
Service Operations
In-/ Outbound Strategien

Frank Reimesch

Frank Reimesch
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