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"Fabian pursues the claim of delivering the best quality in every respect. Accordingly, he leaves nothing to chance and fine-tunes the process and the result until it meets these demands. Dealing with him is informal and very respectful. He is convincing in human terms, professionally and in terms of implementation. Bringing him on board as a consultant was a decision that I am happy to pursue in the long term."
Dr. Sonja Hollerbach
Dozentin & Executive Coach

Fabian is a third generation entrepreneur, studied computer science and is an extremely experienced project manager, agile coach and product owner. He has been working successfully for various companies for many years and helps them to lead their projects to success. He optimizes their structures, working methods and culture in terms of agile concepts. His long experience is underlined by a high energy level and measurable results. Through his experience and sensitivity, he is able to anticipate and sustainably resolve emerging conflicts during cultural or methodological challenges.As a book author and expert in social leadership, he has reached over 200,000 people with his own publications in the field of modern leadership methods on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify.

Product Ownership
Agile Coach
Scrum Master

Fabian Schaub

Fabian Schaub
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